Start-up Technology Companies

For the last number of years Andalucia Technology Recruitment has worked with a number of Technology Start-up Companies, many of which have re-located from the Uk or other European Countries to Spain and in particular Malaga.

All of these Companies have one thing in common, a reduced timeline to recover their start-up investment, and more importantly an urgent requirement to attract and hire the correct Talent, with the correct technical skills , and most importantly the correct attitude, to enable them to grow and contribute to the many challenges faced in a start-up environment.

Having been operating in the Spanish Technology market for over 9 years, together with our Local and International pool of Talented Technology Professionals, we are well equipped to assist you in this critical area.

Any new operation, especially in a Foreign environment must be sensitive to local operating procedures and the legal, fiscal, and working processes in the region. Here we are able to offer in-depth advice , and the opportunity for us to introduce you to the relevant institutions and agencies both Government and otherwise to advance your time to market.

We work in structured and professional manner, and in the first instance meet with the Company principals and there team to take an in-depth brief, covering your structure , expansion plans, technical and physical working environments, and your budget allocation for the Recruitment process . We work in an advisory role , often alongside your existing HR teams , or work on-site to accelerate the process.

For an in-depth discussion, please contact our President Derek A. Langley